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Body Treatments at Blink Beauty


Heaven Sliming Lymph Draining Massage - 1hr - 45.00 (course of 5 200.00).


The natural way to have liposuction. You can loose up to 4lbs per treatment ! It can also help with allergies, fluid retention, digestion problems, arthritis and IBS. With slim and lymph draining massage you will loose weight as well as fluid and feel totally relaxed.



Ritual Candle Massage - 1hr 30mins - 55.00Body Treatments at Blink Beauty

The flames of the candles radiate four sumptuous essences, each one corresponding to the elements of the signs of the Zodiac. The candles flames melt key ingredients such as almond oil, coconut oil and shea butter which are then massaged into the body.


Also included in this treatment is a full body exfoliation prior to the massage.



Pepper Aroma Detox - 2hrs - 60.00

An holistic based treatment using mineral rich white mud and pepper to help stimulate the metabolism and overcome all types of cellulite on the body. A full body exfoliation combined with a stretching, lymph moving massage that eliminates stress and toxins from the body and relaxes the mind.



Mini Detox - 1hr 15mins - 45.00

Full body exfoliation followed by a stretching lymph moving massage that eliminates stress and toxins from the body and relaxes the mind.



Indian Head Massage - 30mins - 25.00

This ancient technique will relax your mind and allow tension to slip away.



Thai Style Massage - Face and Body - 1hr 30mins - 55.00 - Body 1hr - 45.00

Thai style massage incorporates eastern massage techniques using herbal compresses. This treatment purifies, relaxes, relives aches and pains and improves the skin condition whilst stimulating the senses.



Mother To Be (3 Months Plus) - 1hr 30mins - 55.00

Pure indulgence for the face and body using safe and natural products for pregnant ladies. 100% active shea butter rich in vitamin E is used to soften and protect the skin and help combat and prevent stretch marks and cellulite during pregnancy. Muscular aches are relieved and skin is given a boost to give you a touch of healthy radiance.



Mini Mama - 1hr 15mins - 40.00

Express facial and mother to be massage.



Swedish Full Body Massage - 1hr - 40.00

Swedish massage technique to relax or invigorate and promote a feeling of wellbeing.

Back, Neck & Shoulder - 30mins - 22.00

Back, Neck & Shoulder - 45mins - 30.00

De-stress and unwind with this tension relieving massage.



Lava Shell Massage - Full Body - 40.00

The Lava Shell Massage is the hottest new eco treatment. The heat and massage are excellent for deep relaxation and helping with digestive issues, such as IBS, acting as a holistic cleanse as well as releasing emotional stress.

Back, Neck & Shoulder - 30mins - 27.00

Back, Neck & Shoulder - 45mins - 32.00



Body Polish - 45mins - 28.00

A great pre or post holiday treatment to help eliminate dead skin cells. Also great before a tan treatment.



Body Polish & Full Body Massage - 1hr 30mins - 50.00

A lovely treatment anytime.



Back Heaven - 1hr - 35.00

Exfoliation, massage, then drift off as deep relaxation is induced with paraffin wax. Pure heaven.


Bacial - 1hr - 35.00

Treat your back to a deep cleanse, exfoliation, massage and purifying mask for target areas you can't reach.



Spray Tan


Vita Liberata at Blink Beauty

Vita Liberata

Choose your destination and never look back, Hawaii, Ecuador, Brazil.

These are the rich, richer and richest tans on the market. Quick drying, organic, anti-ageing, odourless and perfect fade results every time.


Full Body - 22.00

Half Body - 15.00

Anti-age Tan - 25.00

Body Polish & Tan - 35.00


Clients attending for tanning treatments should ensure they exfoliate a few days prior to their appointment (elbows & knees).

Wear loose clothing.

Do not wear deodorants, make up or jewellery.

Tan needs 7 - 8 hrs to develop before showering off.

Disposable pants and cap are provided.


Advice is given before and after tan.


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